Monday, July 15, 2013

The Southeastern Ohio Digital Shoebox Project

I have a lot of family from Southeastern Ohio especially Jefferson County in Ohio and Washington County in Pennsylvania. I came across this gem of a website many years ago. Many of the libraries have started the project of scanning in all of their genealogy books and photos.

This site has actual birth records, marriage records and obituaries. Histories of the some of the counties along with some wonderful old pictures are available. You are able to download or print these documents. The documents come in PDF form and text form so they are searchable. Just make sure to document where you got this information so that if you need to find it again, you can.

One of my favorite reads was the Minutes of the Session of the Island Creek Presbyterian Church, Part 1 1826-1838. In the minutes, Mary Robeson is bringing charges of libel against another church member, Ann Peoples. I am researching the Peoples family in this area. As of yet, I have not matched this story into my family tree but I know that it will eventually. What I find so interesting is that today, this case would probably have been heard in a courthouse but this case was brought before a church board and tried. What a difference almost 200 years brings to how we handle disagreements now.

If you have family in this area or just want to find some interesting history, check out the Southeastern Ohio Digital Shoebox Project. It will not disappoint you. Just make sure that you have scheduled a few hours to search through this wonderful site.

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